Dog Training Tips for National Train Your Dog Month!

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Here are a few dog training tips in celebration of National Train Your Dog Month!

  • Dogs LOVE routine, try to keep their schedules as similar as possible each day ie; first potty break,  breakfast, play time out in afternoon/evening, walks, bedtimes etc., they thrive on routine. Yes they can be flexible, thank goodness, but great when they don’t have to.
  • You are the “boss” they need to know someone is in charge or often will exhibit odd behaviors, they can relax if know you have everything under control, so be confident, kind, calm and enjoy your dog(s) they are wonderful companions in life.
  • Favorite & sometimes most difficult is to IGNORE negative behavior,  & PRAISE all good behavior, dogs crave attention and aren’t  picky about what they need to do to get it!

From dog trainer, Helene Scott of Florida Dog Training School of Tampa:

  • Do not play tugging games with your dog as it encourages aggressive behavior.
  • You must be consistent with any behavior you teach. So if you never want your dog to jump, there should never be a time that jumping is acceptable.

See more of her tips here:

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