A Dog’s New Year’s Resolution

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Humans aren’t the only ones that can have a New Year’s resolution! What would your dog’s resolution consist of? Here’s a few from Laura Tyler of Steamboat Today!

A Dog’s Eye View: New Year’s resolutions
It’s time for a bit of fun thinking about New Year’s resolutions from the dog’s point of view. So, here goes: resolutions from the dog.

I will chase the cat only if he runs.

If you put your new Ugg boots in the closet, I won’t chew them; otherwise, all bets are off.

I promise not to complain for too long if you step on my toes.

If you give me a yummy bone, I might not beg for chips during the football game.

I will not ask you to get up and open the door to let me out during the Super Bowl.

I will not chase cars or bicycles if you don’t leave the gate open.

I will not hide my raw bones under your pillow.

I will not barf in front of the bathroom door in the middle of the night.

I won’t eat various types of poop in front of my owner.

I will not bark incessantly if you will please open the door and let me in.

I will house train easier if you will listen to me when I start sniffing and turning in circles. I speak dog!

I will not jump on you if you will ask me to sit for all petting, not just when you have nice clothes on.

I will not eat the ham on the counter if you will not leave it there.

I will not scoot my bottom across the rug when we have guests.

I will not eat the Sunday paper, but all other days still are free game.

I will not sniff our guests’ crotches … even if it kills me not to know what they’ve been up to.

I will share all stinky things I find in the woods.

I will not charge the skunk or porcupine again.

I won’t snarl at the nice church people coming to the front door.

via Laura Tyler

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