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My brother Bruiser had his photo on blog because it was his birthday, well I’m Ditka and I’m very important to my Aunt Lynne too, just look how gorgeous I am!!

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April is National Heartworm Awareness Month

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Heartworm disease is a serious condition that can effect your pooch. As you can see from the map, there are more reported  cases in the southeast region than other parts of the country. Here in Florida, we need to stay on top of heartworm prevention.   More about Heartworm Disease here:

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Dogs R Us Springtime Giveaway!

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Jump for joy! Enter to win a bath for your dog or one free day of doggie daycare! Subscribe to our mailing list below and be entered to win. We will randomly select a winner on March 14th Dogs R Us...

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Dog Training Tips for National Train Your Dog Month!

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Here are a few dog training tips in celebration of National Train Your Dog Month! Dogs LOVE routine, try to keep their schedules as similar as possible each day ie; first potty break,  breakfast, play time out in afternoon/evening, walks, bedtimes etc., they thrive on routine. Yes they can be flexible, thank goodness, but great when they don’t have to. You are the “boss” they need to know someone is in charge or often will exhibit odd behaviors, they can relax if know you have everything under control, so be confident, kind, calm and enjoy your dog(s) they are wonderful companions in life. Favorite & sometimes most difficult is to IGNORE negative behavior,  & PRAISE all good behavior, dogs crave attention and aren’t  picky about what they need to do to get it! From dog trainer, Helene Scott of Florida Dog Training School of Tampa: Do not play tugging games with your dog as it encourages aggressive behavior. You must be consistent with any behavior you teach. So if you never want your dog to jump, there should never be a time that jumping is acceptable. See more of her tips...

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A Dog’s New Year’s Resolution

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Humans aren’t the only ones that can have a New Year’s resolution! What would your dog’s resolution consist of? Here’s a few from Laura Tyler of Steamboat Today! A Dog’s Eye View: New Year’s resolutions It’s time for a bit of fun thinking about New Year’s resolutions from the dog’s point of view. So, here goes: resolutions from the dog. I will chase the cat only if he runs. If you put your new Ugg boots in the closet, I won’t chew them; otherwise, all bets are off. I promise not to complain for too long if you step on my toes. If you give me a yummy bone, I might not beg for chips during the football game. I will not ask you to get up and open the door to let me out during the Super Bowl. I will not chase cars or bicycles if you don’t leave the gate open. I will not hide my raw bones under your pillow. I will not barf in front of the bathroom door in the middle of the night. I won’t eat various types of poop in front of my owner. I will not bark incessantly if you will please open the door and let me in. I will house train easier if you will listen to me when I start sniffing and turning in circles. I speak dog! I will not jump on you if you will ask me to sit for all petting, not just when you have nice clothes on. I will not eat the ham on the counter if you will not leave it there. I will not scoot my bottom across the rug when we have guests. I will not eat the Sunday paper, but all other days still are free game. I will not sniff our guests’ crotches … even if it kills me not to know what they’ve been up to. I will share all stinky things I find in the woods. I will not charge the skunk or porcupine again. I won’t snarl at the nice church people coming to the front door. via Laura...

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