Unmatched personal care in exclusive luxury!



The “Bed & Breakfast” atmosphere is far better than cage or kennel boarding and much less stressful to your pet. Our guests enjoy air-conditioned comfortable rooms with a variety of raised beds, comforters and rugs. There’s plenty of room to stretch and treasure familiar items from home. We offer multiple potty breaks and play times at regular intervals, day and night. We cater to your dog’s routines and provide treats and frozen doggie desserts with your permission.

Our rooms boast TV’s subtly tuned to Animal Planet or other dog-friendly stations during the day, soft music or nature sounds at night. Our guests are monitored and each room is equipped with nightlights.

Let’s face it, to people like us our pets are like our children and families. You can trust Dogs-R-Us to provide the service you need with the level of care you expect and deserve – a level you simply cannot get with any other care center. “WE TAKE THE TIME TO BE KIND.”